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New marble statue of Jesus Christ unveiled at Springdale Cemetery

Good Friday 2019 served as an ideal unveiling date for a brand new statue of Jesus Christ at Peoria’s historic Springdale Cemetery.

Photo by: Joseph Berlinger

The new statue replaced a previous one from roughly 75-80 years ago, whose limbs were falling apart. Micahel Berlinger from the Heritage Restoration & Design Studio said it was deemed beyond repair.

Berlinger said the new statue of Christ came from a roughly 13,000 pound block of marble, rising to about eight feet high.

The new statue, carved in Eastern Europe, sits six feet tall at the Resurrection section of the cemetery. Berlinger said the whole process to have it made and arrive in Peoria took at least nine months.

Photo by: Joseph Berlinger

As a member of the restoration committee, Jack Grove, said the timing of this unveiling was important.

“He is indeed shown with marks on his hands, and it’s important to do that on Good Friday, prior to Easter,” said  Grove.

The statue was funded through donations.

“[…] Fortunately Bill and Cindy Winkler stepped forward and were agreeable to donate the entire cost of that statue,” said Grove.

Donor, Bill Winkler, gives an emotional speech at the new statue’s unveiling.
Photo by: Joseph Berlinger

From the 13,000 pound block, the new statue weighs about 3,500 pounds.

Berlinger said any time he does restoration work he is working to honor his company’s motto: “Design, restore, and preserve for the future.”

Molly Jirasek

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