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East Peoria Police adjusting to new body cams

Earlier this month, we told you how East Peoria Police officers will now feature new body cameras.

Two weeks in, police say they are adjusting just fine to the new technology.

Officers in uniform will be wearing the new cameras while on the street.

The body cams will turn on when engaging in law enforcement activities.

With a price-tag of more than $46,567 dollars, police say it’s a way to show transparency within the department.

Chief of Police Steve Roegge says, “I think they should take away that once again, now we’re in a new era of policing. The idea of having cameras on is going to be the new culture. This is the way we do things for now on. We have body cameras, we also have in-car cameras. The idea of having the public see what we see when we’re dealing with individuals and or situations is actually I think is a good thing.”

Peoria City Council approved the purchase of 45 new body cams for the East Peoria Police Department.

Jeff Burnett

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