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Drivers prepare for road work across Central Illinois

It’s the season of pesky pot holes and lots of construction. Those across Central Illinois will see a lot of orange cones as road crews get to work after a tough winter on the roads.

Road closed and use caution are phrases drivers know all too well.

“Ugh I don’t know, it’s going to add another 20 to 30 minutes now, that sucks.” said McLean County resident John Plunkett,

Drivers said the construction and repairs are much needed with pot holes that one driver described as unavoidable.

“Ya we had a pretty bad winter so I mean I think it’s probably worse than I’ve seen in five years.” said Washington resident Cole Lancaster.

On US 24 starting Monday April 22nd there will be repairs to the joints in between the lanes. This will start on College Drive in East Peoria and go all the way to Cummings Lane in Washington. There will be lane closures

One US 24 regular said he will look for an alternate route if the traffic is too bad, but said this just hits the surface of Illinois’ infrastructure problem.

“Truly they’re too far behind. I mean at this point it’s just all band-aids. If they really wanted to fix it they would re-lay the roads but unfortunately they’re not going to re-lay the roads .” said Plunkett

Another big project impacts I-74 near Carlock and Deer Creek.

There is a big sign that reads ‘head to head traffic’ because the west bound lanes of I-74 merge into the east bound lanes making it two way traffic with just a barrier in between.

” It’s really inconvenient. Just not something that I like to sit through typically when I want to get home from school or where ever I am.” said IWU student Rachel White.

For a full look at all of the road construction in the area click here.

Kaitlin Pearson

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