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A forensic pathologist shares new details in the Kirk Zimmerman trial

Tuesday was day nine in the Kirk Zimmerman trial and defense attorneys tried to cast doubt that Zimmerman could have murdered his ex-wife.

First to take the stand, Pam Zimmerman’s fiance, Scott Baldwin. Baldwin proposed to Zimmerman just two days before she was killed.

He claims he was at home, trying to get a hold of Zimmerman the day she was killed. Baldwin was involved with multiple women at the time.

Defense Attorney, John Rogers, questioned Baldwin over the communication between Baldwin and the other women around the time Zimmerman was killed. Baldwin said he texted some of those women that he was worried about Zimmerman.

We also heard from witnesses who know Eldon Whitlow, Zimmerman’s last client on the night she was killed. As the defense tried to show Whitlow as a possible suspect, prosecutors questioned his girlfriend, who testified that Whitlow was at her house the day Zimmerman was killed.

The Bloomington Police Department and a forensic pathologist were questioned on the stand too.

The defense team claims the Bloomington Police Department did not do a thorough investigation for Whitlow before Zimmerman was found shot and killed in her office.

The defense said there was not an immediate search at Whitlow’s home after police knew there were guns inside. They also argued that police allowed Whitlow to go home to the weapons after he was questioned. Zimmerman’s defense also asked police why they waited five months to do DNA testing on Whitlow.

Dr. John Scott Denton, a forensic pathologist, testified that he examined Zimmerman bent down, behind a desk, in her business clothes. He said she was shot at least four times and they found at least three bullets. The last shot was to the back.


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