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You Gotta Eat: K’s Cafe

MINIER, Ill. (WEEK) — If you like homemade cooking…boy, have we got a place for you.

Talk about service with a smile. That is what you get when you walk through the doors of K’s Cafe in Minier — and the customers eat it up!

“I’m here almost every morning for breakfast. We have a round table back here. There’s a lot of the local farmers and people who come in early and then they’re gone,” said regular customer Jerry Doehrmann.

But none of them leave hungry.

K’s Cafe has been open for business for almost 2 years.

Customers love to come in for hot breakfast meals like made to order omelets, buttery pancakes and even oatmeal.

For lunch, they love to chow down on plenty of dishes like this tasty friend chicken with fries, a hot Rueben sandwich and of course the tenderloin, which is very popular here.

“It’s a great place, good food. I think you already know about the tenderloin, it’s nice, you can hear them pounding away in the kitchen as you order it, so you know it’s fresh,” said customer Andy Johnson.

“We have a lot of people come in and ask typically, we heard about your tenderloin and they also like the Rueben which we do a little different than some. We put a different sauerkraut on it and it’s pretty good,” said the café’s owner, Kathleen Creemens.

Say hello to K…short for Kathleen. She runs the place with the help of her friendly staff.

She says nearly everything on the menu is homemade including her tasty pies the customers can’t seem to get enough of.

“We have a raisin pie, an old fashion raisin pie that has become fairly popular because you can’t get it anywhere around here,” she said.

I ordered from the lunch menu and chose the Italian beef sandwich with a side order of chicken tortilla soup.

Look how juicy this sandwich is…can you see the juice dripping from it?

And this delicious meal didn’t break the bank. It cost me $11.60.

K’s cafe is definitely a family-run business. The owner has several family members working with her including her mom.

By the way, K’s Cafe is open 7 days a week.

Semone Doughton

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