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Peoria resident celebrates 110 years of life

The world was a lot different 100 years ago, no TV, no cellphones and very few cars. One Peoria resident lived through that and more and is now celebrating 110 years of life.

On Saturday family and friends of Mary Mack came together to celebrate her birthday. Mack, affectionately known as Mama Mack, is known for her kind heart, cooking skills and the many Mack children she has raised.

Family friends think her secret to living so long is all the wisdom she has imparted onto the world.

“Learned how to be patient with people and how to treat people and how to cook, she’s a good cook. She’s been a nice lady all of her life,” family friend Betty Lampkin said.

They also said they miss Mack’s signature banana pudding and potato pie.

Stephanie Rodriguez

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