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Local pageant promotes self-confidence

Eighteen students with special needs at Jamieson School in Peoria got to feel like princesses Friday, as they made their debut in the first ever “Miss Jamieson Pageant.”

The beauty queens are “life skills” students at Jamieson School, which is the district’s school for special needs.

The pageant, which kicked off this year, was all about promoting self-confidence.

“They are so excited. They’ve been talking about it for months. We’ve got girls coming up to us every day, saying ‘I cannot wait for the pageant; my mom is coming,'” said Miss Jamieson Pageant Organizer, Shannon Sailer.

It was a day full of pampering, starting with hair and makeup. Cosmetology students, like Taylor Anderson, provided the work for free.

“They’ve really been enjoying their hair styles and stuff. They say, ‘I’m so beautiful and my hair is so cute,’ so that just makes us feel good that we just want to help them,” stated Anderson.

“It’s a good chance for inclusion between the two groups of students and a way to utilize and promote Woodruff’s really unique program, as well as our own,” said Sailer.

One Jamieson student said she is thankful.

“Thankful for these wonderful ladies for doing my hair and makeup,” said Mikenya Alexander.

” […] and it’s just a great experience for all of us,” added Anderson.

Once they were ready, they put on their show at Jamieson School, including a musical number, for a packed house.

“Everybody always remembers those special times, where you get to get dressed up, have your family come and have pictures taken,” said Sailer.

In the end, only one could receive the crown as Miss Jamieson 2019, but the memories will last a lifetime.


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