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Ardis excited to see new faces on Peoria City Council

PEORIA, Ill. (WEEK) — The Peoria City Council has two new at-large members after Tuesday’s election.

New faces Rita Ali and John Kelly will fill two spots around the horseshoe, while incumbents Sid Ruckriegel, Zach Oyler, and Beth Jensen all won new terms.

Beth Akeson was not re-elected, and Eric Turner retired.

Mayor Jim Ardis says he’s excited for fresh ideas and fresh faces to join the council.

“Change is always difficult,” said Ardis. “You know we’re losing a lot of institutional knowledge there and a lot of people that have been involved in the community for a long time. But having a couple fresh faces and fresh ideas and fresh opinions coming into the mix, that’s always a good thing.”

In response to the negative mailers that were sent out just days before the election, Ardis says you don’t see those things happen often in local elections, and he hates to see it happen so close to the election when there’s no opportunity for a response.

It’s still unclear who sent out the negative ads.

25 News Staff

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