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Neighbors are fed up after a series of burglaries in Peoria County

Residents in three rural Peoria County villages said they’re dealing with a string of burglaries.

They are worried it is getting worse in Mapleton, Glasford, and Kingston Mines.

Kingston Mines residents told us this rash of thefts has been going on for at least a year. They said the burglars allegedly target certain areas, steal, get locked up and, once released, do it all over again.

“I’ve been robbed three or four times, already, and no matter how I lock my house, they manage to get in,” said resident, Crystal Logsdon.

“They’re are doing it in broad daylight because they pretty much feel like they are untouchable,” said another resident, Nanette Rudd.

Peoria County Sheriff Brian Asbell identified the men as Greg Atkins and Ryan Beecham in connection with some of the crimes. Peoria County records show both have a criminal history.

“They stole all my daughter’s Christmas, American Girl dolls, their hover board and my children’s ashes,” stated Logsdon.

Just days ago, Rudd said someone tried to steal tire rims from her trucking company. She caught Atkins on camera.

Residents are now creating a neighborhood watch to make others more aware about what is happening.

“And now we are out patrolling every night, trying to make sure our properties are safe. It’s very frustrating,” said Rudd.

“If we have someone, anyone going through our county stealing from people, or doing thefts or burglaries, we want to catch them just as bad as the victim,” stated Asbell.

Village residents also post updates on a Facebook page. Asbell said for police to take action, his office needs formal reports filed.

“And now if there is complaints of any new activity by either individual, we are asking people to file a report with us. Let us know; we don’t go off social media,” said Asbell.

Residents said they want the State’s Attorney to impose stricter punishments for repeat offenders.

We reached out to the State’s Attorney, who never returned our call.


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