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Potholes & diversity top list of voter desires for new city council

Change isn’t just around the horseshoe; it’s around the corner. Early voting is underway and in just over 24 hours, Peoria polls will close for good.

The voters however, seem to be using every bit of the time in between to share their expectations of the new council.

25 News hit the streets today to chat with residents about their top concerns and the range of issues they listed included everything from potholes to pensions.

“Every time I hit a big hot, pothole I wonder..yep, I’m next to have to put my car in the shop.” Seth TeBeest works and lives in Peoria and says the first thing he needs council to address, are the streets.

“I’m tired of all the potholes. I mean, they’re just filling them with B.S.” agreed Frank McIntyre.

Celia Burke, a 29-year old resident says while she didn’t grow up in the River City, living in Peoria the last few years has made her become more civically engaged and she believes it’s important to exercise her those duties. When it comes to her priorities: “…More infrastructure improvement; especially in areas that maybe aren’t as invested is important to me.” Burke shared.

Gary Hall, a Peoria Native, is rooting for economic development. “Maybe attracting business that would create more energy jobs.”

Rodregas Cockfield, a local business owner, often catches the bus and says the City Link hubs around the city, barely protect people from the elements. “The bus stop around the corner on Sheridan and main…how come we don’t have a visor that we can sit under? Even in the winter and summer…so when it rains we ain’t got to worry about all the rain hitting us.”

He’d like Council to pay more attention to Peorians who rely or use public transit.

Syed Ahmad, another Peoria resident and employee says he’s just ready for new voices. Ahmad is calling for diversity among council members.  “Too many of the voices that we have in this city right now are becoming stale. It’s the same arguments used constantly and we need to have new voice, new blood coming in. “

All of the residents echoed the importance of actually getting to the polls and putting action behind the concerns folks voice.

Remember, you can register and vote the same day. You need two forms of ID to show your name and current address. Acceptable forms include:


Lauren Melendez

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