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‘Bread Monk’ visits hometown to share baking skills

Father Dominic Garramone, also known as the ‘Bread Monk,’ visited Peoria on Saturday to teach an interactive baking class.

Garramone was born and raised in Peoria before leaving to become a priest where his love for baking eventually landed him a show on PBS, “Breaking Bread with Father Dominic” that ran from 1999-2001.

The class served as a fundraiser as well as a chance for him to turn more people into “breadheads.”

“I am so delighted to be able to give back to the community that helped form me in my religious vocation, my childhood. The sense of community, belonging to a parish that was all very important to me growing up and it’s still important with the work that I do now with teaching,” he said.

Garramone is a monk at Saint Bede Abbey in Peru, Illinois, where he bakes, teaches and writes children’s books and cookbooks. For more information on his recipes visit his website at

Stephanie Rodriguez

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