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Drivers at CityLift take the streets over staff shortages

CityLift drivers took to the streets Sunday to protest their boss’ decision to impose 7-day work weeks on the drivers. With the new requirements, employees have to request their days off in advance just to have a regular weekend.

CityLink’s Union President said he talked with the general manager after the protest who apparently did not realize how upset workers were.

The general manager wrote that working more days will help keep routes running while they work to hire more people. In a memo he said they are short-staffed by 8 to 12 drivers. One driver said this news is hard for her.

“A lot of us have families. We have other outside lives that we need to attend to,” said driver, Danielle Kelley.

The general manager said he understands how inconvenient this is for drivers and the impact it has on them.

The general manager and Union plan to meet this week to discuss ways they can comprise.

Illinois State Law requires workers to get at least one day off in a calendar week, with some exceptions.

We reached out to the general manager for an interview on camera. He provided a statement instead.


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