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Bloomington eyes doubling local gas tax to pay for road upkeep

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WEEK) — The Bloomington City Council will take up an ordinance Monday which would double the city’s local motor fuel tax.

Currently, the city assesses a tax of 4 cents a gallon on gas sold in the city. Doubling that tax to 8 cents a gallon would generate an additional $2.3 million needed to resurface roads, fix curbs, gutters and sidewalks, and make sidewalks and ramps ADA-accessible, the Public Works Department says.

Currently, $4.6 million goes into the city’s Capital Improvement Fund annually to pay for road and infrastructure work. The public works department projects the actual needs require at least $6 million in annual funding. While the funding wouldn’t improve the city streets, it would keep them from getting worse, public works reports.

The city council is set to vote on the ordinance at their Monday meeting. If approved, the new rate would go into effect on May 1.

Tim Shelley

Social Media & Digital Content Manager

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