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Wastewater plant brings home shiny trophy to McLean County

A city’s wastewater treatment facility is usually not in the spotlight.

The Bloomington and Normal Water Reclamation District is stealing center stage and bringing home some shiny hardware.

It’s not every day the workers at the Bloomington and Normal Water Reclamation District get to show off what they do.

Recently their East Plant brought home a trophy from the Illinois Association of Water Pollution Control Operators.

“We’re very proud of it. The staff has tried very hard to win this award. We were nominated in 2006. We were nominated in 2018. We won the award just in February,” said Executive Director Randy Stein.

They beat out all other wastewater treatment facilities that were nominated.

The plant has won national awards before based on cleanliness, operations, and quality.

“We have a really nice facility here. The facility has operated with no water quality issues since June 1, 2005, when it opened. We try to keep that record going,” said Stein.

The plant is using new technologies including, UV light to help kill off diseases in the water.

The facility itself and how it’s run has won them awards but they’re also doing a lot for the environment and the local wildlife.

The plant releases some of the treated water into a section of their wetlands.

The property is also filled with hiking trails and bird watching spots.

Alex Menke

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