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Morton’s AutonomouStuff enters partnership on remote-controlled vehicle technology

MORTON, Ill. (WEEK) — Morton’s AutonomouStuff is partnering with a Portland, Oregon company on technology allowing the remote control of both autonomous and non-autonomous vehicles.

Designated Driver’s “teleoperation” kit offers both direct and assisted models for the remote operation of vehicles. The technology is available for vehicles with an automation level of two and up, as well as some agriculture and mining vehicles.

“The market need for Designated Driver is truly significant as it will help facilitate adoption of autonomous vehicles,” said Bobby Hambrick, founder and CEO, AutonomouStuff in a press release. “Remote control provides riders with the assurance that they will arrive at their destination even if there is a technical issue with their autonomous vehicle, and we see it as required functionality for all self-driving vehicles. With Designated Driver’s depth of expertise and focus on functional safety, its solution is superior.”

Designated Driver said other remote control operations only allow direct control, with a remote human operator taking full control of the vehicle, using cameras and sensors in the car to maneuver it.

With the “indirect” model, Designated Driver said a teleoperator could model a path for the vehicle offline, offering the vehicle a safe path when the AI is unable to determine the best path forward, such as a crowded construction site or temporary roadblock, without any direct human intervention.

AutonomuStuff was acquired by the Canadian company Hexagon AB last year.

Tim Shelley

Social Media & Digital Content Manager

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