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You Gotta Eat: Shannon’s Five Star

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WEEK) — Check out all of the space inside Shannon’s Five Star Restaurant in Bloomington.

It’s definitely a place where waitresses can move hot dishes like these down the aisle with ease to dozens and dozens of hungry customers.

Rod Wallace is a regular customer at Shannon’s. His favorite item on the breakfast menu is simple. It’s the number 1.

“It’s two eggs, hash browns, ham, bacon or sausage and toast for $5.95. So you can’t beat that,” said Wallace.

Shannon Patterson and her husband Steve started this restaurant 15 years ago. In the beginning, they only served lunch and dinner but that changed quickly when customers were stirred-up for breakfast food.

And the Pattersons happily obliged.

“They’re very friendly, they’re very nice people. We really enjoy coming here,” said customer Mark Carter.

“They become more like our restaurant family, and we already know what they’re going to order before they even sit down,” said Shannon Patterson.

One popular item Shannon’s customers ask for before sitting down is Shannon’s hash browns.

“We just take our golden hash browns and we stuff it with onions, and you can either have your choice of ham, bacon or sausage, ham is my favorite, cheese and top it off with our homemade sausage gravy. It is delicious,” said Shannon Patterson.

But there are some customers like mark carter who have their own favorites.

“I usually get the pancakes, or the waffle, or sometime the hash browns. The hash browns are the signature item and they’re really good,” said Carter.

When it was my turn to order i couldn’t decide between the breakfast burrito, stuffed with sausage, cheese and scrambled eggs; or Shannon’s hash browns.

So I ordered both!

Oh, I also had a tall glass of cold milk to wash it all down. It was hot, fresh and very filling.

The cost was 19 bucks!

Semone Doughton

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