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You Gotta Eat: Untamed Chef

PEORIA, Ill. (WEEK) — When you walk through the doors of Untamed Chef in Peoria…that’s what you get. An untamed feeling of awesomeness!

“Oh, I love “Untamed Chef. I’ve been here multiple times. The food is awesome and that’s what brings me back every time,” said regular customer Adam Bill.

Untamed Chef is not your average place to eat. It offers a private restaurant atmosphere where the chef prepares the meal right on front of you.

“We wanted that home cooked feeling. We wanted owners out in front. We wanted the chef out in front. We want them to feel like they can come up and ask questions. They can come up and look at the food and see what’s going on,” said owner Rebecca Hearn.

And what’s going on behind the stove here is hot cooked meals made from scratch everyday…which includes tasty sweets.

This is exactly what owners Rebecca and her husband Bryce had in mind when they opened this unique place one year ago.

“We bring a show to lunch and our dinner parties. People have said I’m the Rachel Ray meets Amy Schumer, if you will, so we just have a great time here,” she said.

And that fun is carried over into the evening hours where private parties happen. It’s during some of those parties where customized classes take place.

They offer customers the opportunity to learn how to create a themed menu instructed by no one else but Rebecca, your untamed chef.

Untamed Chef is open Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m., and open for brunch on the weekends.

One of the bestselling items on the menu is what is called the “One Love Burger.”

“Everybody loves the One Love Burger. It’s our ground beef burger we top with Guinness smoked pulled pork, and we put bacon jam on top, and it’s on a garlic bread bun, so it’s to die for,” said Hearn.

Another sandwich to die for at Untamed Chef is one customer Brody Bill simply describes as “awesome.”

“I have the Godfather right now. It’s like three different types of meat. It’s got onions, pickles, lettuce, tomato, mushrooms all that. It’s super awesome,” said Bill.

As good as the Godfather looked, I chose the people’s favorite…which is the One Love Burger.

It came to me piping hot with a side of crab Rangoon egg rolls. The taste was simply awesome and so was the price.

Semone Doughton

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