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You Gotta Eat: The Rail Splitter

MOSSVILLE, Ill. (WEEK) — “You Gotta Eat” is taking you back in time. That’s because the place we visit this week is not only where the locals go to eat, but it’s also a place a U.S. president once slept.

When you walk into The Rail Splitter Bar and Grill in Mossville, be prepared to get more than a hot meal. The moment you enter the doors you are stepping into a historical place where Abraham Lincoln once slept.

And that history can be seen all over the place, with photos of the nation’s 16th president hanging in practically every room of this restaurant.

And check this out…these stairs lead to an area where Abraham Lincoln spent the night. Stroll around the corner and you’ll see the room he actually slept in. It’s now being used as a storage area. Pretty small for a man who was 6-feet-4-inches tall right?

“Lincoln, Grant both stayed here. Different times on their way to Springfield. Some people even said maybe Capone might have stayed here one night. There are three bedrooms upstairs. They were small, about the size of a bathroom,” said customer Ted Arndt.

Built in 1842, this historical building has truly stood the test of time. But for the owners, Bill Leihenseder and Kim Irwin, it’s more than just a place for people to come and get a hot cooked meal.

Cassi Kelton, a waitress and bartender at the Rail Splitter, agrees.

“There’s a lot of history here. That’s why you see Abraham Lincoln all over the place here,” said Kelton.

But don’t get me wrong, this quaint place is also known for its great food.

This is my plate. It’s almost too much to eat but she cooks it to perfection.

And Ted isn’t the only customer who praises Kim’s cooking. Bill and Kim opened the Rail Splitter in August of 2018.

Before that, it was known as Grant’s Inn. During the days of Lincoln, it was more of a bed and breakfast type of establishment.


Semone Doughton

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