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New business opens to defeat lice

When someone gets lice, many think yuck. That’s dirty.

According to health experts, getting lice has nothing to do with cleanliness.

In fact, the dirtier your hair, the less likely you are to get it.

Lice, a pesky insect that lives on scalps and feeds off human blood.

“It’s this nuisance that has been around for a very long time and very very hard to get rid of,” said Rebecca Saunders who is a nurse at the Unity Point Methodist Clinic in Peoria High School.

Lice love to spread from one scalp to another especially during the school year.

“It’s transmitted mostly through head to head contact. This is why it affects school kids the most. They’re playing fighting. They’re wrestling. They’re at school literally putting their heads together trying to get math problems done. For teenagers it’s selfies. Everyone has to squeeze together really close in order to get that shot. When you have hair contacting hair that’s how it’s transmitted,” said Saunders.

Once a male and female land on your scalp, the female super glues eggs to your hair.

The cycle continues until you finish treatment.

Ashley Coulter is a mom that has heard the dreaded words, “Your child has lice.”

“I have definitely lived the panic of that feeling. I was definitely one of the parents that were panicked at that moment,” said Coulter.

That’s why she started “Lice Nannies”.

It’s a business that checks for lice and helps parents get rid of it.

I sat down for a check myself to learn about the process.

Coulter said knowing about this insect and what to do helps take the guess and check and worry out of trying store products.

“The treatment is a little bit different. So anything you would go to the store and purchase is different in formula than what we use. The formula we use is non toxic. It’s a formula that was developed for us,” said the owner of Lice Nannies.

School’s aren’t required to check students through-out the year.

It’s another reason Coulter said if you see your child itching, get examined right away.

There isn’t a gender or ethnicity that’s more prone to lice.

One factor on getting it though is your hair shape.

Alex Menke

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