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Parent company of Henry Pratt to pay funeral costs of 5 victims in Aurora shooting

AURORA, Ill. (WREX) — The parent company of Henry Pratt, Mueller Company, says they’ll pay the funeral costs of all five victims who lost their lives.

Here’s what the city said on their Facebook page:

“The parent company of Henry Pratt, Mueller Company, has committed to paying funeral costs of all five who lost their lives.

We will continue the Aurora Strong Community Fund campaign through this week to donate directly to the families of Trevor Wehner, a college intern preparing to graduate this spring, and Russell Beyer, Vicente Juarez, Clayton Parks and Josh Pinkard, four fathers who were dedicated employees of the company.

As the families continue through the funeral planning process, we hope these additional funds will ease some of the financial burdens as they move forward in life. #WeRemember”

A gunman opened fire at the manufacturing company Friday afternoon.

Among the victims is Trevor Wehner, originally from Sheridan, Ill., and a student at Northern Illinois University in Dekalb. Also killed were Clayton Parks of Elgin, Illinois; Russell Beyer of Yorkville, Illinois; Vicente Juarez of Oswego, Illinois; and Josh Pinkard of Oswego, Illinois.

Northern Illinois University says Wehner was a student at NIU, and Parks was an alumnus.

Police say 45-year-old Gary Martin has been named as the gunman. He was shot and killed by police.

25 News Staff

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