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You Gotta Eat: Sterling Family Restaurant

PEORIA, Ill. (WEEK) — Talk about knowing people in high places.

The owner of Louie’s Sterling Family Restaurant in Peoria had the pleasure of serving the 43rd president of the United States.

That encounter with President George W. Bush was photographed, and the pictures are hanging in the lobby of the restaurant for all to see.

Although it’s very impressive to see those photos, many of the customers come here for different reasons.

“I like the place because of the good service, good food, reasonable prices and I like Louie,” said John Fisher, one of the regulars.

And who doesn’t like Louie? He opened this restaurant back in 1987, and more than three decades later, it’s still one of the most popular spots in town.

His restaurant specializes in American, Greek, Italian and Mexican favorite meals.And the customers love it!

“It’s like home for a lot of our customers. They come on a regular basis, wonderful home cooked food,” said waitress Toni Atchley.

And Toni would know, She’s been a waitress at this restaurant for 18 years. She says some of the most popular dishes customers request for breakfast is the Sterling Special and the Louie.

“It’s two pancakes with eggs and your choice of meat and a #1 is the same. It’s a pancake with one egg and meat,” said Atchley.

And the omelets aren’t bad either. Doesn’t the cook make this look easy? They whip up these delectable dishes that keep the customers coming back.

“We mostly come for breakfast and I get a pecan pancake, which is outstanding,” said regular customer Judy Fisher.

I decided to order a meal that is near and dear to Louie’s heart. It’s Ellie’s breakfast pizza. That’s named after Louie’s 4-year old granddaughter.

I also ordered a hearty slice of grilled ham on the side. The pizza was made with pita bread, cheese, bacon, sausage, eggs and sausage gravy. Let’s just say Louie’s granddaughter should be proud.

The cost? Under 20-bucks.

The next time you’re in Peoria, stop in to Sterling Family Restaurant because “You Gotta Eat.”

Semone Doughton

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