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Warehouse on State Needs Wall Repair

One of Peoria’s well known buildings now used for celebrations has a problem, part of it is crumbling.

The Warehouse on State SW Washington Street has a problem related to our recent, nasty cold weather.

The building owner says large snowfall in January allowed water to get behind the brick.

Then, freezing and thawing expanded the issue to where now, the walkway below the wall is marked “no parking”.

This building is now used for rent to host large gatherings like wedding receptions.

And it is still open as work is about to begin.

“We expect to be open for the St. Patty’s Day parade and everything down here, like we always are. So it should be done before March 17th. It got behind the face brick. It’s just a face brick problem, ” Pat Sullivan, the building owner, said. “And it buckled it and buckled the gutters. So, I’ve got a construction crew coming out to fix it.”

Mr. Sullivan there says the actual wall on the building is three feet thick which he believes is still very solid.

The business inside is still operating.

He’s estimating thousands of dollars to repair the exterior brick on that wall.

Tyler Lopez

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