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Murder victim remembered

Peoria’s fifth homicide victim, Michael Shipley was honored by family and friends Friday night with a candle light vigil at the same place Shipley lost his life.

Cars lined the street of West Thrush Avenue as family and friends gathered in front of his house to look back and remember the man they say they will never forget.

Tear’s were shed as they lit candles and stood together in prayer to remember 30 year old Michael Shipley. The father to three children, he was described as full of life, the family jokester, and a beautiful person. Known for his witty Facebook comments, his family said there is a hole in their heart that can’t be replaced.

“Seeing him as a man and as a father. Seeing him with his daughter and the love that he had for his family, it was just beautiful.” said Christee Grant, Shipley’s Aunt.

“My prayer is that the community can realize the value of life and find other ways to work through any issues or whatever is going on.” said Clevia Thomas, Shipley’s Cousin.

Shipley was found dead in his home Wednesday night with a single gun shot wound.

The homicide investigation is till on going.

Kaitlin Pearson

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