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Chicago teacher arrested after hiring friend to beat student with belt

CHICAGO (NBC News) — A Chicago school teacher has been suspended from her job and arrested after the beating of a child in a school bathroom last fall.

Authorities say the child attended school at George Tilton Elementary School.

His parents filed a civil rights complaint against Chicago Public Schools and the Chicago Board of Education.

They say their son, a fourth grader, was pulled from his classroom by a friend of his teacher, taken to a school restroom, and hit repeatedly with a belt.

An attorney for the family released pictures at a news conference Thursday showing bruises on the child.

The attorney claims the teacher, Kristen Haynes, arranged for a friend to enter the school and punish the boy.

Both women were arrested, and Haynes is no longer a teacher at the school.

An attorney for the family says as a result of the beating, the child is now traumatized.

NBC News

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