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Republican Congressman Rodney Davis calls on leaders to avoid second partial government shutdown

Congressman Rodney Davis is calling on the president and congressional leaders to come to an agreement to avoid a second partial government shutdown.

Davis met with TSA employees at Central Illinois Regional Airport in Bloomington to see the firsthand impact of the most recent shutdown.

The Taylorville Republican also talked about his guest for Tuesday’s State of the Union speech. Davis chose his hometown fire chief, Mike Crews, to recognize his efforts to save lives before and after the devastating tornado which ripped through the city in December, 2018.

“Mike making tough decisions at the local level, hopefully will be an inspiration for people in Washington to begin to make some tough decisions at the federal level, and avoid this next shutdown in eleven days,” said Davis.

Davis also said he grew up with Chief Crews and is proud to bring him to Washington D.C. as a face and role model for Taylorville.

Molly Jirasek

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