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New bill would bar employers from asking job applicants for salary history

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WEEK) — State Rep. Jehan Gordon-Booth is introducing legislation what would bar employers from asking job applicants for their salary histories.

Gordon-Booth, a Peoria Democrat, said the legislation would help end gender-based pay discrimination.

“It is unfair to pay women less for the same work when they have the same duties and experience as men,” said Gordon-Booth. “We need to crack down on corporations and employers that use historical pay discrimination against women in order to continue paying women less than what they deserve.”

Similar legislation was previously passed by the General Assembly, but was amendatory vetoed by former Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner, who said he felt the bill could be better crafted.

The bill is HB 834. 

Tim Shelley

Social Media & Digital Content Manager

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