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A “Shocking” Experience: Chenoa Police Department offers chance for public to be tased

A local police department offered up a unique opportunity to the public, a chance to be tased. And we should warn you, if you watch the video, it can be a little jarring.

The Chenoa Chief of Police shared a post on Facebook and said he was overwhelmed by the responses.
In the end, about 8 brave souls came out to give it a chance. After signing a waiver, the men and women gave were tased with police holding on to them for safety.

And while it satisfied the curiosity of some, it also served as an important learning tool for the officers.

“It’s good for my officers to be able to understand during a situation in which we tase someone that you can control the person still, to take them into custody, put handcuffs on them.. bring them to the ground safely,” explained Chief Travis Cornwall.

“Everything just tensed up all at once if you ever got a quick zap on an electrical device at home kinda felt like that only intensified a whole lot,” shared one participant Megan Gillette after she was tased.

Chenoa police say they started carrying tasers ten years ago. Although they conduct training with the devices annually, this is only the second time they’ve invited the public to participate.

Everyone who took part was at least 18 and had to sign waivers that they also didn’t have a pre-existing heart condition.

Caitlin Knute

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