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You Gotta Eat: Cornerstone Family Restaurant

EUREKA, Ill. (WEEK) — Cornerstone Family Restaurant in Eureka is a popular place where Christianity is obvious.

Owners Michael and Donna Sweeney wanted to open a business where families can come and feel that “at home” atmosphere while enjoying a hot cooked meal.

I’d say they succeeded.
“We pretty much know all of the clientele who come in. They come in regularly. We get large groups that come in for different types of get togethers. It’s a great place for families,” said owner Donna Sweeney.

And who would know that better than Randy Lisk. Not only is he a regular customer here, he’s also a former employee who likes the customers, the atmosphere and the food.

“Food’s great. Never have any complaint about that, but when you have people come in and you know them and they know you and they know you. It’s great to come into that rather than go somewhere I don’t know,” said Lisk.

Cornerstone Family Restaurant is a place you can get breakfast, lunch and dinner, but it’s those breakfast dishes that are the big winners here.

But there are some pretty popular dinner plates to choose from as well.

“I usually like the shrimp dinner that they have here. I like that quite a bit,” said regular customer Bill Carr.

And while we’re on the subject of dinner plates, check out my order. I had fried chicken (dark meat) mashed potatoes with brown gravy, green beans and a dinner roll.

It was hot, fresh and ooohhh so tasty!

The cost: $10.80.

Not bad for the large portions they serve up here.

Semone Doughton

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