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Church offers free dental care to keep community smiling

Going to the dentist is not most peoples idea of a good time and for many, it is not even something they have can focus on.

“We know there are a lot of dental needs that are out there and people, I’ve seen it through the years people just suffer with this. Many times they can’t afford to go to the dentist and it just goes and they kind of try to whether through it and it can be really tough,” Dentist Rodney Willey said.

On Sunday Willey devoted his day to volunteering at Richland Bridge SDA Church in Chillicothe where he put his 35 years of experience to work for dozens of patients.

“It really is great to see people come with the needs and look at them and they’re so appreciative,” Willey said.

“To you know, [for them to] give you that smile and [for them] just to say thank you.”

Free x-rays, fillings and even tooth extractions were available and visitors also got to shop for free at the church’s food pantry.

“We have one of the largest pantries in the area that distributes food and clothing and a lot of hope to whoever comes in,” Pastor Donna Willey said.

The event might only be one day, but volunteers were on hand to offer ways to stay healthy throughout the year.

“We’re encouraging them to make better choices in their daily life to improve the chronic diseases that they face daily like depression, diabetes, high blood pressure,” Lifeline Wellness Center Director Ramon Irizarry said.

Everyone involved was united by their drive to help others, even the youngest of them all 8-year-old Taylor Moushom.

“This community service is great I love it because I love to help here. all the things here make me happy, this is my favorite place to come and help,” Moushom said.

The church food pantry is open every Thursday from 9 a.m-Noon offering food and clothes to the community. For more information visit the Richland Bridge SDA Church website at:

Stephanie Rodriguez

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