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You Gotta Eat: Sugar Wood-fired Bistro (featuring Peoria Police)

PEORIA, Ill. (WEEK) — Are you ready for a little Sugar in your life?

If so, take a trip with me to the Warehouse District in Peoria for this week’s You Gotta Eat.

You’re looking at what makes Sugar Wood-fired Bistro a big hit with customers.

“Pizzas are about half of what we sell here and that our salad, sandwiches and entrees are the other half, so it’s a very unique 50/50 split between wood-fired pizzas and the other wood-fired food that we have here,” said owner Travis Mohlenbrink.

Travis Mohlenbrink is the owner of Sugar. He says the restaurant that sits in the heart of the Warehouse District in Peoria has been around for a little over 6 years now.

In fact, you’re looking at the reason why this restaurant packs them in every single day. This huge wood fire oven that cooks everything that goes on your plate.

But before it gets there, there are preparations to be made and then the food is placed inside the oven to be cooked to perfection.

Just look at it up close…makes your mouth water doesn’t it?

“The food is unique. It’s different, it’s something out of the ordinary, you can’t just come here and say I’m going to have such and such. You gotta look at the menu and there’s always something new to be excited about,” said Peoria Police Officer Amy Dotson, a regular customer.

We caught up with Peoria Police spokeswoman Amy Dotson having lunch at Sugar with some friends. She’s been here before, but for some reason, she was in the mood for a different type of meal.

“I do like their wood-fired pizza with the pulled pork on it. It’s an absolute favorite but I’m trying to be careful today so I’m going to get the salad instead,” said Dotson.

Her friend Lisa Snow, the retired Peoria assistant police chief, is also a big fan of the wood fired pizzas, but was in the mood for something different as well.

“The mac-n-cheese is my favorite even though the wood-fire pizza is amazing. This is the best mac-n-cheese anywhere, period. It’s great!” said Snow.

What’s also great about sugar is the rustic look of the place!  Everywhere you turn there’s something cool to see.

But nothing according to Travis beats the taste of food cooked on a good old-fashioned fire.

“Cooking with fire is very rustic. It adds a lot of flavors and to me, it was just natural to have wood-fired concept in the heart of the warehouse district here in Peoria,” said Mohlenbrink.

I decided to cover all of my basis, so I ordered a salmon sandwich with Caesar salad…but I couldn’t leave without trying one of those famous wood-fired pizzas.

So i also ordered a barbeque chicken pizza.

Oh my god….I don’t know what I liked best!

Semone Doughton

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