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Hangar Too restaurant offers free meals to TSA agents during government shutdown

PEORIA, Ill. (WEEK) — TSA employees at Peoria International Airport have a unique incentive to keep showing up for duty.

Three groups here are affected by the shutdown: air traffic control, the Customs and Border Protection officer, and the TSA.

The manager of the airport restaurant, Hanger Too, is lending a helping hand to workers to try and ease some of their financial burden. She says lunch is on her.

“We’re hoping because of the great service that they provide for the community to help keep is safe, that we can do maybe a little part to help them out,” said Linda King, general manager of the Hanger Too restaurant.

“After tomorrow, all the folks you see working behind me, they’re going to be working without pay,” said Gene Olson, director of airport for PIA.

But King couldn’t say just how long can Hanger Too could realistically support an entire TSA department.

Add her to the list of people hoping for a resolution.

Lauren Melendez

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