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Wind/solar farm energy can now be forecast

In addition to forecasting sky conditions and temperatures, the 25 weather tracker team can also now show you renewable energy forecasts for central Illinois.

Green energy actually plays a big role through numerous wind farms and several solar farms in central Illinois.

Ever wonder how much energy is being produced on a given day?

Now there’s a way to estimate, and it all starts in the skies above central Illinois.

“The weather is increasingly going to drvie power generation,” said Sean Sublette, adding “we’re going to be able to generate X amount of our electricity from the wind today.”

Sublette is a Meteorologist with Climate Central, who within the last year brought the tools to the table when it comes to forecasting renewable energy.

For wind, it is all figured through speed forecasts; for solar energy, it’s based on the amount of sunlight.

Both concepts are in action in central Illinois, and many believe it’s a good thing, because it is in endless supply.

“This is inexhaustible, said Sublette, adding that, “the wind is always going to blow.”

The 25 Weather Tracker team spends a great deal of time looking at what are called weather models.

Similarly, the computer generation gets calculated through a new formula recently published and we have an estimate of how much green energy will be produced.

“Solar and the wind energy are the renewables that aren’t impacting the environment negatively through air quality,” said Kent Kleinschmidt a Farmer who lives near the wind farm in Tazewell and Logan Counties.

He thought he was going to end up with one of the turbines on his property and that’s what he wanted.

Believe it or not, he says a farmer gets way more income leasing out a sliver of land for a turnbine, than from planting crops.

“That’s 150 dollars. I’m not sure what these turbines are generating to the land-owners now, but I’m sure its over 10-thousand dollars per year, so there’s no comparison,” added Kleinschmidt.

Some say there are negatives to the technology, so naturally there’s some resistance when new wind or solar farms sprout up.

Many often ask, is there a local benefit to green energy, or can it make my bills go down.
We’re digging into that and will bring you that soon on 25 News.

Jesse Guinn

Catch me on the air with central Illinois’ forecast on WEEK 25!

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