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Peoria tops 20 homicides, half still being investigated

Late Tuesday night, police say gunshots rang out near Quest Charter Academy Middle School in Peoria.

Shortly afterwards, a man – identified as Komondor Tarver, 45, of Peoria – was found lying on the ground in the nearby Hanssler Court subdivision.

Peoria County Coroner Jamie Harwood says Tarver was pronounced dead at the scene.

Tarver was shot three times: twice in the head, once in the abdomen. Harwood says he likely died instantly.

According to police, Tarver is the River City’s 20th homicide for 2018, marking a year of violence for Peoria.

It’s a feeling Talaya Brown is all too familiar with.

“These parents are tired of their kids getting killed,” she said. “Me and my kids want closure.”

Brown is the mother of Lamont Brown, Jr., who was shot and killed in Peoria in September.

Talaya claims the police investigation isn’t giving her the closure she’s seeking, and she’s not happy with it.

“I’m calling them, I’m popping up at the police station. I’m talking to (State’s Attorney) Jerry Brady on the telephone. Basically, I’m not getting no (sic) answers, and I’m not gonna play. Someone needs to take action and do something.”

Homicides as far back as January 10th are still under investigation.

Brown, having lived through the loss of her son, says the latest fatal shooting is a nightmare for Tarver’s family.

“I hope you get closure,” she said. “I hope you get answers.”

Peoria Police Chief Loren Marion III said in an interview that the number of shooting incidents in total were down for the year, despite the number of homicides being up.

He also explained that police aren’t going to give new investigation updates to family members right away, to ensure authenticity and make sure information doesn’t leak.

Mason Dowling

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