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Co-workers at Advocate BroMenn give birth to 17 babies this year

There’s a baby boom at the Mother Baby Unit ad Advocate BroMenn Medical Center in Normal!

This year, fifteen staff members of the unit  gave birth to seventeen babies. That means two of the moms had twins.

The hospital said this is an exciting time for them.

Cait Wilson is one of the proud moms, with a 7-month-old named Lucy. She said she thinks this will help them be better at the work they do.

“It’s really encouraging,” she said, “I feel like we’re able to help our patients a lot more because we know what they’re going through and we can support them with what we just went through.”

Nurse manager, Stephanie Wollenberg, said all the women are good friends.

“It seems they all get pregnant at the same time, and are raising their kids together,” she said.

Even though Wollenberg said they are dealing with babies every single day in the workplace, it’s fun to hear the stories from home too.

Molly Jirasek

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