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McLean County planning to open new mental health center by spring 2019

McLean County plans to open a new mental health center by spring 2019. The triage center does not have a set location yet. County administrator, Bill Wasson, said they are currently evaluating locations in Bloomington and Normal. They plan to have a location picked out some time in January.

Wasson said the facility will serve as a first-step for seeking mental health treatment, where people can be referred to other services specific to their needs. He said the clinic will accept walk-ins, and serve as a place for law enforcement to bring those who need help.

Wasson said the county’s allocated about $400,000 to the project, with the only revenue stream being sales tax. He said there is already an existing fund set aside from sales tax revenue, going to mental health services, and said this will not raise sales tax. He added the county continues to explore other revenue streams for the triage center.

Molly Jirasek

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