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New axe throwing business awarded liquor license by Peoria City Council

A unique discussion at the Peoria City Council meeting Tuesday night surrounding the passing of a liquor license for a new business set to open in March. It was the name of the business that raised eyebrows for council members.

Gone Axe Throwing is the name of the new nightlife spot. Co-owner Sara Fickes said axe throwing facilities across the country often serve alcohol. Council members expressed concern over safety and legal liability if someone got hurt.

“Okay so as long as we are in no legal jeopardy then I will reluctantly move it for approval since apparently it’s legal.” said Denise Moore.

But the part owner said there are many safety measures put in place to make sure that does not happen.

“There is an axe coach in the lane with every group so they are actually interacting with people making sure they have a good time. Training safety rules on the axe throwing the entire time, basically you don’t move unless the are allowing you to,” said Sara Fickes.

Fickes also co-owns an escape room business on SW Adams Street, near where they plan to build Gone Axe Throwing.

Kaitlin Pearson

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