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Length of school day could change, Illinois education officials say

Your child’s school day could look a little different next year.

The Illinois State Board of Education stopped by Quincy to talk to parents and local educators about changes in school code.

A portion of the code requiring schools to have students in class for a certain number of hours sunsetted or in other words, it expired.

Education officials said that gives schools more flexibility when setting up what a district considers an instructional day, meaning they’d be allowed to decide how long a school day and week would be.

Parents and grandparents said they think the change could help more students.

“We have to be concerned that they are learning what they need to learn and so what if they do it a little bit differently and not everyone learns the same way,” said grandparent Arlene Dudley.

The state board says its possible in the spring legislative session, state lawmakers could submit a new bill changing requirements.


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