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There’s a new sheriff in town

Jeff Lower was sworn into office Friday morning in a ceremony.

Outgoing Sheriff Robert Houston leaves after 46-years in law enforcement, 20 of which were as sheriff of Tazewell County.

His family will be the main focus in his retirement but he says he’s going to miss the adventures.

Houston added the department has changed for the better of the past decades.

“The department doesn’t look anything like the organization we took over 20 years ago. I’m extremely proud of that. I didn’t accomplish that by myself by any means. We have great people at all levels and all ranks,” said Houston.

In the last election, Houston’s Cheif Deputy Jeff Lower was voted to take his position.

Lower told us he learned a lot under Houston and plans to keep many of those programs in place.

One thing he said he needs to work on is his new role’s duties in the jail.

“I’ve been in charge of the law enforcement side OF THE OPERATION BUT I HAVEN’T REALLY BEEN INVOLVED INTHE JAIL SIDE. So one of the things I need to do is get to know everybody and let them get to know me and then move forward on the business of the day,” said Lower.

He officially gets to sit in the big chair at his next shift.

Alex Menke

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