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Bloomington couple has ‘Hallowedding’

There are a lot of brides and grooms out there who spend months deciding what the perfect day would be to get married, but for one Bloomington couple, there was never a day other than Halloween in their hearts.

“We just really like Halloween, I love Halloween. I got him a little more into it and a friend of ours really loved Halloween. It was just something that we had to do,” bride Christina Land said.

The couple, Christina and Matt, have been together for 6 years. Ever since the beginning the groom wanted to make his bride’s “Hallowedding” dreams come true by marrying her on All Hallow’s Eve.

“She is the biggest Halloween fan. Her and my best friend that passed away years ago, Leon, they were like the biggest Halloween fans I ever seen. So I told her if we ever get married that I’d do it on Halloween. Now did I expect it to go to this extreme? No, but I am super happy,” groom Matthew Grove said.

Of course, their theme required a special officiate.

“What says Halloween better than the ghosted with the mostest? Beetlejuice,” Reverend Jeff Brunning, who married the couple dressed as Beetlejuice, said.

There ceremony was not cookie cutter either as they said their vows and were then tied together by a chain, a symbol of their union.

“Hand fasting was a traditional pagan way of two people binding. It went along with the whole Halloween theme and I think they really liked it,” Brunning said.

Their costumed guests braved the cold to see the couple drink from the cauldron of love.

“I’m real happy for them and Matt is a very good man so we know it will last a long time,” the bride’s Step-Father Tennyson Osborne said.

The pair were dressed as the keeper of the damned and the grim reaper, respectively.

“Couldn’t ask for a better wedding,” Land said.

Stephanie Rodriguez

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