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Autopsy Results Reveal What Officials Call A Brutal Crime

The autopsy results of both Dr. Susan Brill De Ramirez and her husband Antonio Ramirez Barron, show the couple suffered severe head and body injuries as well as multiple stab wounds. Peoria County Coroner Jamie Harwood explained the findings Wednesday afternoon.

“We have pretty significant head wounds that were inflicted on both the Mr. and Mrs. it’s most likely to say that the stab wounds were just an extra devise that he did what he had intended to do.”

The extent of the injuries makes the exact cause of death unknown. The Coroner said they fought for their lives.

“The stab wounds were pretty significant throughout their body, there was multiple defensive wounds as well on the upper arms, so they bluntly .. didn’t go down without a fight.”

The Peoria County Sheriff said the couple’s adopted son, Jose Ramirez confessed to the murders.

“we are fairly certain that at this point that we have valid statements that cooberate the physical evidence at the scene as well as what we found in the spoon river.”

He also said Jose had a partner in the murders, Matthew Roberts.

“Since the beginning of this investigation it has now been determined he was an active participant in the act and has now been charged with first degree murder as well.

Both said this is a loss for many communities.

“It’s a devastating tragedy for Bradley university … for the community of Princeville which is where I grew up sheriff grew up in Brimfield, it’s startled the whole community, so everyone’s on edge, so it’s tough … it’s tough for everyone. ”

Both victims worked at Bradley University . A spokesperson said there will a vigil for the couple but it is not open to the public. They also said they have called in extra counselors for students, faculty, and staff and have expanded their hours.

Kaitlin Pearson

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