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Princeville Homicide Victim Remembered By Bradley Student For Going The Extra Mile For Students

One of the largest communities impacted by the double homicide is Bradley University, with both victims being employed by the University.

Dr. Susan Brill De Ramirez was a well known English professor and coordinator for the Graduate Studies Program and her husband, Antonio Ramirez Barron was a technology specialist for the IRT department.

Students were overwhelmed with shock on Tuesday at the news of the fate of the Ramirez couple. English Masters student, Anna Berlinger, at Bradley University, said the entire English Department was in disbelief after the death of Doctor Susan Brill De Ramirez.

“I’ve always told people the English Department is like a family to me but I’ve never felt it more than I felt it yesterday, when I went up there when we got the news they were missing, even before we knew the worst, it was like a bomb had gone off.”

Berlinger said Doctor Ramirez was always loving and quirky and always went the extra mile for her students.

“Always validated everything that you thought and believed and never tried to force anything that she thought on you, just was always very supportive.”

Berlinger recalls she was always moving during lectures and was known for her personality. Berlinger remembers her repeating the phrase, “Very interesting”, to her students.

“She often would let our questions lead the class like at the masters level she’d let us go to the board and would start off the class with any questions we had about the text and that would lead her classroom discussions, it was always just very centered on the students.”

Gone, but never forgotten, she said the department will come together to get through this difficult time.

“I definitely will always remember her, she wasn’t the kind of person you could forget cuz she was always everywhere, wherever she was needed she was there.”

Kaitlin Pearson

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