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What Issues Matter Most? New YWCA Survey Discusses What Women Want in 2018

The “What Women Want 2018” survey discusses just that, the issues that women find important this year. Not only across diverse demographics, but across party lines.

The YWCA in McClain County said that the goals for the nation wide survey were to see what women were most concerned about, what issues they wanted to see legislative action on, and what worried them. While the women survey were split 50/50 in terms of political affiliation, the Vice President of Operations at the YWCA says women agreed on many topics.

“Gun violence came up frequently, the violence against women act and making sure that was reauthorized came up pretty frequently, affordable child care, and affordable care to alleviate the stress of caring for an older relative, parent, that sort of thing”

The President for the League of Women’s Voters in Peoria, Farrell Davies, says in her experience it goes much deeper than tangible issues.

“I think what women care about is that they are treated respectfully when conversations occur around our democracy and whats happening in our democracy.”

She says Peoria has many women in leadership and they take the responsibility to vote seriously.

“I think women in this area are smart, knowledgeable, engaged. And I think regardless of what your perspective is, i think women see that they play an important role in this democracy. That they have a perspective and a complexity about their thinking that needs to be valued.”

With about a month to go before the elections this upcoming November, the women from both organizations wanted to make one thing clear, that your vote does matter, and to remember to go out and vote this upcoming November.

Kaitlin Pearson

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