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Central Illinois reacts to Kavanaugh court proceedings

The Senate Judiciary committee voted Friday to advance Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court, following a whirlwind day of testimony by him and accuser Dr. Christine Blasey Ford the day before.

Ultimately, his Senate vote was pushed back a week while the FBI conducts their own investigation at the request of President Trump.

While the investigation proceeds, however, 25 News wanted to know what you thought on the matter, and spoke to several women across Central Illinois.

“I don’t think you often have situations like this where you have so many women in particular who are so offended,” said Rachel Lyons of Bloomington. “Everyone’s really exhausted by it, and just fed up with the idea that this (sexual assault) keeps coming up over and over again.”

Tanya Aguilar of Bloomington took direct aim at the proceedings: “I really don’t think he (Judge Kavanaugh) should be appointed. You see all these things going around in this country, and now you want somebody as a judge that has been accused of that? No way.”

Judge Kavanaugh has stated he will cooperate with the FBI investigation.

Mason Dowling

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