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Parents prep for car seat law changes

Parents prepared for new rules of the road Saturday in Junction City, focusing their efforts on booster seats.

As of January 1st, state law in Illinois will require car seats to be rear-facing for children up to two years of age.

New research suggests the head, neck and spine of infants, toddlers and children are not fully fused until that age.

“Here locally, about 90 percent of car seats are installed wrong,” claimed Ginger Streitmatter, an Advocacy Program Director for OSF Children’s Hospital of Illinois. “We’re a busy society, and I think people get in a hurry and think that it’s okay.”

OSF Children’s Hospital was on hand with demonstrations, showing proper car seat installation as well as how an accident can jeopardize a child’s life if the car seat isn’t properly set.

The hospital has also pledged to hold similar demonstrations one Saturday a month until the new law goes into effect.

Mason Dowling

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