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Drunk and Distracted Driving Simulator Comes to Illinois Wesleyan University

The ‘Arrive Alive Tour’ stopped by Illinois Wesleyan University on Monday. The program is designed to raise public awareness about the dangers of drunk and distracted driving. They use a high-tech simulator to recreate impaired and distracted driving situations.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports that motor vehicle accidents are the number one cause of death among teens in the United States. Aarron Cook, Director of campus safety at Illinois Wesleyan brought in the Arrive Alive Tour in an effort to change that statistic. He said he hopes to see at least one hundred students participate in the simulation .

One such student was surprised at the realistic feel of it. ""It’s pretty easy to be cocky and say ‘Well I’m a pretty good driver and so I’m sure I can handle it’ but then to actually see that no it does have an affect on your driving specifically can be really impactful," said Rachel McCarthy, a sophomore at IWU.

The simulation is designed to make participants aware of real-life consequences that can come from drunk and distracted driving. Tori Grodi of the Arrive Alive Tour staff said, "We do have a mock citation that we will hand the students saying all the things that they were doing from swerving to speeding to collisions to vehicular manslaughter." It uses a virtual reality headset to show just how scary it can be drinking or texting while driving.

Event organizers hope highlighting the dangers and consequences will reduce the frequency of drinking, smoking, and texting while driving.


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