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Post office renamed after fallen soldier

A Central Illinois post office is being renamed  after fallen soldier while serving in Afghanistan.  A ceremony for a local post office honored Sergeant Douglas J. Riney today. 

The post office in Fairview was officially renamed the "Sergeant Douglas J. Riney Post Office."  Riney was born and raised in Fairview.  He served in the army and was a recipient of the Bronze Star and Purple Heart.  He died back in 2016 while serving in Afghanistan. 

Riney’s widow, Kiley Rimey, and mother, Pam Boland, say today was filled with bittersweet emotions as they think back to their last moments with with him. 

"My check engine light came on in my car and I called him in Afghanistan in a panic.  What do I do? And he told me to take it to Auto Zone, have it checked out and everything and that actually was our last conversation,’ Kiley said. 

"The last conversation I had with him, he wished me a happy birthday.  So the last time I got to speak with him on the phone, it was on my birthday," Boland said. 

Before going to Afghanistan, Riney also served as a volunteer firefighter in Fairview.


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