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Tazewell County man hired by North Carolina prison ministry group

One Tazewell County man found his connection to work  while serving time in prison.    But it would take a few years before he actually got his job promotion.   John Haeffele spent  two years in federal prison for mail fraud.   Haeffele said it was there that he learned about transformation through Christian Library International prison ministry.
"I decided to follow the Lord in prison and out of prison,"  he said. 

He said finding a good job after prison was tough.   But he worked part time and was asked to serve on the board for Christian Library International, continuing a good  support system.

"You’re gonna be tempted to go back to the same way of life.  You have to be prepared for that.  I believe the only way to be prepared for it is getting to know the word of  God, getting deep into it so you know how to battle those temptations," he said.  

Haeffele wrote a book "Therefore I have Hope" and got plenty of support from family and his church.

"Every job any job you can find if you do it in the love of Jesus is a good job.  Now he has a job where he can really tell things that he loves to share, how encouraging it was for him to study the bible," said First United Methodist Church of East Peoria Pastor Rev. Mary Arnold.  

Recently Haeffele was named development coordinator for Christian Library International based in  Raleigh North Carolina.

"God can turn anything around.   Whatever you’ve done God can make something good out of it," he said. 


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