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ICC calls for disclosure of electric prices

Illinois Commerce Commission is calling for more prominent disclosure of the electric price to compare.  The Commissioners Office of Retail Market Development (ORMD) is requesting that regulated utilities, including ComEd and Ameren, display there prices to compare on monthly electric bills for residential and small commercial retail customers. 

ORMD ‘s call to action is a part of a report to the General Assembly and Governor issued on Monday.  In it eleventh year, the report is a requirement of the Retail Electric Competition Act of 2006, used to describe in detail Illinois’ retail electric choice market. 

The price to compare would reflect the charge for electric supply per kilowatt  hour (pkh) to residential or small retail commercial customers.  The Price to compare, is available on the commission’s website.

“Illinois consumers should know their current electric cost as they consider switching from ComEd or Ameren to an alternate supplier. The ICC wants to make this information as easy to find as possible, and the most efficient solution is for the Price to Compare to appear on all consumer electric bills – every month,” said Jean Gibson, ICC Director of ORMD.


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