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No AC for outside workers in excessive heat

While many people enjoy being outside the excessive heat can be dangerous.   When temperatures are this hot many people who work outside try to start early.
Concrete worker Jeff Cotham started his job at six o’clock Friday morning hoping to beat the heat.   But with temperatures in the high 90s  and a  heat index  of 113  he said it can be tough.

"You get use to it eventually as long as you drink your water, find shade.   You know your body better than anybody else,"  Cotham said. 

 Jimax employee spend their work time pruning Peoria Park District rose gardens.    Jimax worker Dontay Watson says finding shade can be a challenge

" Just try to stay cool, and being hydrated, you get tired a lot fatigue quicker when the sun drains you out,  just having a light load, try to break things up into little groups," he said. 
 Watson’s co-worker agreed.   But said they’ve got a back up plan for cooling off.

"We got a air conditioner in the dump truck thankfully.   So we take breaks every now and then to stay cool," said  Co-worker Collin Kearney.

Some workers say they look forward to lunch.   But for push cart owner Juanita Smith there are no breaks.  Lunchtime is money time.

"I don’t, I constantly be working.  Sometimes they take a smoke break, other than that I don’t," Smith said. 

Smith said it’s hard to notice the excessive heat because she’s constantly cooking on a grill.    But she thinks the heat kept customers away on Friday.
"Business was kinda slow today cause usually when it’s hot they come out to eat," she said.  

But Smith had plenty of water and drinks to cool off her customers.   So did the Salvation Army.   Their truck made several stops in downtown Peoria to make sure outside workers and the public kept cool.
"We’re just trying to make sure that they have their hydration with water and with popsicles as well," said Salvation Army Employee Sam Amick. 

Even if you aren’t working but will be out in the heat this weekend you are advised to drink lots of water, don’t spend long periods outside and  avoid over exerting yourself in the heat.


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