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Peoria Public Schools Stadium seeks revitalization

Tackling a new endeavor to bring a stadium back to life. Community leaders are hoping to revitalize Peoria Public Schools Stadium.

Those behind this initiative say the stadium – built in 1905 – is historic and they would hate to see the space go mostly unused. 

Their first project? They want to upgrade their sign. 

"We’re looking to place an LED sign at the entrance to the stadium, to help raise money to cover the maintenance of the stadium," said supporter Brian Michael. 

Then they want to bring back underrepresented sports, like cricket. One leader thinks it’s a great thing.

"I think it’s going to bring back the stadium we had back in the day," said Shaelyn Johnson. 

‘It’s a growing, in-demand sport in the area, and there are no competition-level pitches in the area," said Michael.  

They want to add competition-level track too. Michael said these sports will bring more traffic and revenue to Peoria Public Schools.

"We’re also integrating with the park district to make a fitness path and an improved, all around park area for the city and its residents," added Michael. 

"It’s a really big deal because we wanted to help out Peoria Public Schools and the community and everything, so we wanted to make it a really big deal, but also help out the surrounding people in the area," stated Johnson. 

A school board official said city council will vote whether to ‘ok’ the sign for commercial zoning on July 10th. So far, the commercial building commission said yes.     


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